Heirloom Wedding Films

A note from Michelle and Kellan:

“We have always loved photographing weddings, but after we got married we were even more inspired to document weddings in a whole new way!  Our wedding film by the amazing PenWeddings really inspired us!  When people ask us about our wedding, we simply show them our wedding film and, in 7 minutes, they’re able to feel what it was like to be there with us on the most incredible day of our lives surrounded by our favorite people.  They see the way one of our little nephews cried all the way down the aisle and just how giddy we were during our ceremony.  They get to watch my maids-of-honor (yes, I had more than 1) cry during their speeches and see just how much confetti exploded from the confetti poppers when we shared our first kiss.  There are so many incredibly special moments that wedding films are able to capture…like a father’s reaction after he sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time or when you hear the groom getting choked up when he says his vows.  This is what we want for you!”